ADHD SCAM Breakthrough?

The first direct evidence of a genetic link to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder has been found, a new study says.

The researchers compared genetic samples from ADHD children, with DNA from 1,047 people without the condition.

They found that 15% of the ADHD group had large and rare variations in their DNA – compared with 7% in the control group.

However, Dr. Oliver James said,  “Only 57 out of the 366 children with ADHD had the genetic variant supposed to be a cause of the illness. That would suggest that other factors are the main cause in the vast majority of cases. Genes hardly explain at all why some kids have ADHD and not others.”

So is this really a breakthrough or an attempt by researchers to get more ADHD research money? Has this just comfused parents even more??

One thought on “ADHD SCAM Breakthrough?”

  1. I have recently come to find that the ADHD label is being used against victims of accidents and bullying in the school systems. If a kid labeled ADHD is injured, the parents take the system to court and the case is dismissed because the “hyperactive” kid solicited the circumstances. The more kids labeled, the better insurance for the school system against lawsuits involving negligence on the schools part.

    Keep up the good work. If wanting to interview me, I would be fine with that. Look at my website listed above for more info. Don’t read “our personal experience” before bed time. You wont sleep well when you read about my son.

    Thank you,
    Forrest Cunningham

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