The Ugly Facts About ADHD Medication

One of the medication Strattera has been associated with suicidal thoughts in some children and adolescents. And a lot less expensive!

While this is very positive for kids with ADHD to identify with a successful role model, there is as well a lot hype in some circles claiming that ADHD can be an advantage! We know that Michael Phelps did not turn out to be successful simply because he had ADHD! We do not know to what extent Michael Phelps suffered from ADHD.

Fortunately heart attacks or seizures are uncommon. I could only shake my head in disbelief when I discovered that Strattera is only for adults with ADHD!

You might want to check out the link below which will tell you all you need to know about how efficient pure remedies are in treating ADHD and that they are a perfectly valid option to conventional ADHD medicine- without any of the nasty side results. They are looking for pure herbal treatments which will each stimulate the brain (to help keep it focused) and reduce hyperactivity. An additional ADHD drug, Adderall was withdrawn in Canada because of the dangerous aspect results.

As regards coronary heart related complications, the Pediatrics Journal claims there is a 20% chance of children reporting these problems if they are on these medication. They have warned of possible coronary heart complications and even a risk of severe psychiatric symptoms which might develop in kids who have been prescribed with these drugs. Kids may have sleep disorders and they may suffer from stomach upsets. At the same time, the herbs will soothe and calm the youngster.

There are also problems of irritability. It is fascinating to note that a ADHD child may well have a parent who is suffering or has endured in the past from ADHD – some specialists say that there is a 30% – 40% chance.